What is an Experienced RiderCourse (BRC2)?

The Experienced RiderCourse is designed for motorcyclists with an existing motorcycle license. The course teaches advanced street survival skills. It costs $125 and is approximately 5 hours – consisting of advanced riding skills training on the range. (no classroom work only riding on range)  The class may count for defensive driving, insurance discount, dealership discount and tuition reimbursement from some motorcycle manufacturers.

Don’t forget, we ride in most weather conditions so bring layers and raingear as necessary.  Check the weather forecast before you head out.

You MUST arrive on time with a FULL tank of gas!  (please arrive 15 min before class start)

Your motorcycle must be in safe operating condition and you must wear a DOT- approved helmet.  You must wear the REQUIRED gear.

Students successfully completing an Experienced RiderCourse will receive an MSF course completion card which may entitle you to motorcycle insurance discounts and tuition reimbursement through some manufacturer programs.

Students that are not Texas residents are invited to take this course. However, there is no guaranty of reciprocity with your home state for licensing purposes. Please click on this directory of state administrators for information about courses in your home state or reciprocity with Texas.

These courses emphasize the risk involved with riding a motorcycle. These risks also exist while one practice rides during the course.

Students unable to keep pace with the class or who pose a hazard to themselves or others may be dismissed from the class by the instructor.  This is an important duty performed by the instructor.

There will be no refunds, pro-rated or in full, should a student be dismissed by the instructor for any reason.

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