How to Schedule Your Class

1. Options: Use the options menu on this page to help narrow your selection:
Category: Select your desired Class & Location.
– Select Basic (BRC): Basic Rider Course if you are a beginner and need an M license.
Select Intermediate (BRC2uLW): Basic Rider Course2 updated License Waiver (yes, we know that is a mouthful, but we didn’t come up with it) if you are an experienced rider and need an M license.
Class: Select your desired class schedule.
– We offer both Weekday and Weekend courses, as well as 2-day or 3-day classes at some locations.
2. Date and time:
Find the date that works best for you, then…
– Click the “Info” button to view class times, requirements, directions, and other important information.
– Click the “BOOK” button and proceed with registering.
3. That’s it… you’re done! You will receive a confirmation email after registration is complete. Please keep this email and refer to it before your class. You will receive a separate email with the appropriate online course directions along with a promo code by the end of the business day. 

BRC Students
If you are enrolled in BRC you MUST take: Basic Rider Course E-course (3hr) before coming to class and print your certificate. No exceptions!

Total Rider prefers credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. 

You must be able to balance a bicycle before riding a motorcycle in the BRC course (Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation requirements).

Total Rider does not provide scooters, only motorcycles.

If you are deaf please read this FAQ.

We recommend you review our Refund & Cancellation policy before booking your class.