MSF eCourse Info


Getting Started:

1. After scheduling your class with TR, click this link to access your Basic eCourse using your TR supplied eCourse coupon.

2. Enter your student information in the required fields, then click “Enroll Student”.

3. Enter your eCourse coupon code that Total Rider has emailed to you, and click “Apply”.  By completing your registration, you can now begin your eCourse.

4. Upon completion of the eCourse, PRINT your completion certificate.  It is valid for 30 days, and you must bring your printed certificate to your first class!

If you have any issues with the eCourse itself, first call MSF Customer Service: (949) 727-3227 before contacting Total Ride, as we are not responsible for the operation of MSF’s eCourse nor its content.

If you have any further questions about your course, please contact us at your earliest convenience. It is also very important you SAVE this email for future reference.

Per Texas Department of License and Registration and MSF regulations, you will NOT be allowed to take the classroom or range portions of your course without providing a valid, printed eCourse completion certificate to your instructor.  Mobile phone pictures of your completion certificate will not be accepted.

Important Notes:

  • Be advised that there is a 25 question multiple-choice written Knowledge Test* based on the learning concepts from the eCourse, given at the end of the classroom portion on Day 1. So, please take the eCourse very seriously and retain what you’ve learned for the test!
  • If you have any issues with the eCourse, you must call MSF Customer Service: (949) 727-3227 before contacting Total Rider.  Total Rider is not responsible for the operation of the eCourse or its content.
  • The MSF eCourse certificate is NOT accepted as a license waiver by the Texas DMV, or as a license to ride a motorcycle, or as a learner’s permit.
  • The eCourse is also available in Spanish text and audio (see pdf link below).
If you have any further questions please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Links to PDF supporting documents for the eCourse (all PDFs open in separate tab):

  1. How to Get to the Enrollment Page
  2. How to Enroll Basic eCourse 2.0 with Coupon Code
  3. How to Access Your Basic eCourse v.2.0
  4. How to Save Your Certificate as a PDF
  5. How to Access the eCourse in Spanish (Cómo acceder al eCourse en español)
  6. How To Turn On Off Closed Captioning

*You must score 80% or better on the Knowledge Test in order to move on to the riding portion. A failure of any part of the test results in a failure of the entire course. See the FAQ section of our website for policies regarding fees to be scheduled for a new class. Please contact Total Rider with any questions or concerns, or call direct at (512) 522-5844 ext 808.