I highly enjoyed the class. It definitely gave me more confidence and provided a good understanding of riding strategies that I should think about and refine every time I get on my bike. Ally was super informative and Rick was an awesome instructor. 

May 18, 2014

Total Rider and their RiderCoach were professional, informed and patient. I highly recommend any rider who is either new or has experience take this course. I learned so much and has the course has made me a much more confident rider!

Kimberly V. January 29, 2014

Awesome class! All I can say is the instructor knew motorcycles and could answer any question thrown at them. Had a really good time and learned something new! Keep up the good work TotalRider!!!

Jacob S. January 19, 2014

Great class!! Very informative. I rode for several years before taking this course and still learned a lot from the course!!

Chris L. January 11, 2014

Great teachers who are passionate about riding and it carries into their enthusiasm to teach those who want to learn. Anita was a godsend on the practical skills on the bikes. Her tips were spot on and helped a ton! I'd recommend everyone give them a shot!

Zach P. January 11, 2014

Awesome! I have been riding motorcycles since 14, starting on dirt bikes then moving to street bikes.  This course was great. I credit the instructor, Allie. She alone gets 5 stars: smart. funny, patient, fair, and damn cute. There were a couple people in the class having a hard time, mainly nerves and self doubt. The instructor never let them give up. In the end we all passed.  I highly recommend Total Rider!

Jay M. December 28, 2013

For years I've wanted a motorcycle but was too nervous to get one, so I took this course to learn how to ride.  My class was mostly new riders like myself and nearly half were women. Our class had fun and we all learned some basics about how to operate a motorcycle.  I left feeling confident enough to get my first bike and now I wonder why it took me so many years to do so.

Tim P. December 28, 2013

I learned so much more than I could have imagined.  Not only am I a safer rider, but I am more comfortable on the bike, more aware of my surroundings, and more prepared for the unexpected.  I think I am a better automobile driver as well.  I highly recommend Total Rider and Anita, my instructor.  Once I get some miles under my belt, I will most likely sign up for the advanced class!

Andrew F. December 28, 2013

What could have potentially been three boring as &$#@ days of sitting through class and learning basic, rote motorcycle skills was transformed by Uncle Mullet, the instructor, into three days of pretty dang enjoyable entertainment... oh, and I came out with my very own bright shiny basic motorcycle training certificate too!

Erica R. December 28, 2013

In one weekend I learned how to ride a motorcycle, have fun, and receive enough information to pass and receive my motorcycle license! Now I have a Vespa! And I had a great time learning in a relaxed atmosphere!  Well worth the money! Lots of fun!

Mel G. December 28, 2013

I was very happy with Total Rider. They were easy to work with. Their classes were full so I registered for a class several weeks out. A week or two before the class, my family went out of town at the last minute so I had a free weekend. I called Total Rider and they were able to work me into classes that were previously showing full-must have had a cancellation. Very nice!

RazorHorn December 27, 2013

I was truly impressed with the course! The instructors did a great job of presenting the course materials, and everything was easy to understand. I had a lot of fun riding the motorcycles that were provided, and the course did indeed prepare me to take the written exam for my endorsement. Thank you for making the overall experience a good one.

Dan V. December 27, 2013