Does Total Rider offer discounts?

Total Rider is honored to offer a $15 discount to all active service men and women and first responders. Use promotion code SERVICE when booking your class online, and be prepared to show your affiliated ID card during class.

Does TR provide helmets for riding class?

Yes, we do have loaner helmets students may use… however, we only have a limited number of sizes, and can’t guarantee our helmets will offer a proper fit. We strongly recommend bringing your own helmet. Inexpensive, 3/4 or full-face style helmets can be purchased at local motorcycle shops. TR doesn’t recommend half helmets, tho. 🙂

What if I get “counseled out” of a course?

Students unable to keep pace with the class or who pose a hazard to themselves or others may be dismissed from the class by the coach.

There will be no refunds, pro-rated or in full, should a student be dismissed by the coach.

Please understand that these courses have group learning format that limits the ability of the instructors to provide individual instructions to students. These courses are mentally and physically demanding, and weather conditions can increase the stress on students.    

Can I use my own Motorcycle?

  • BRCu: No
  • 3WBRCu: No
  • BRC2uLW: Yes

We do NOT allow students to use personal motorcycles or scooters for the beginner BRCU class.  Even though a personal bike may be small it is typically not geared for the constant low parking lot speeds and maneuvers, thus increasing wear & tear on the clutch and transmission components. Also, liquid cooled motorcycles don’t do well in a training environment, which also increases wear on the motorcycles.

If a student crashes a training motorcycle they usually are not as upset as they would be on their personal bike. Additionally, a mechanical failure on a personal bike could cause a safety problem on the range, resulting in the student being dismissed from the class. From a safety perspective, BRC students typically don’t have a motorcycle license, and we don’t encourage illegal or untrained riding.

What if I am deaf?

Under Title III of ADA requirements, we want to let you know that we will make every reasonable accommodation to any ASL interpreter you provide. However, we cannot assume the undue financial burden of hiring an ASL interpreter as it would severely alter the nature of the service we provide. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation may have grant money to offset the cost to you and other area schools may provide services more to your liking than we can provide at this time.

Please call our office to discuss resources we can share with you.