Does TR provide helmets for riding class?

Yes, we do have loaner helmets students may use… however, we only have a limited number of sizes, and can’t guarantee our helmets will offer a proper fit. We strongly recommend bringing your own helmet. Inexpensive, 3/4 or full-face style helmets can be purchased at local motorcycle shops. TR doesn’t recommend half helmets, tho. 🙂

What if I get “counseled out” of a course?

Students unable to keep pace with the class or who pose a hazard to themselves or others may be dismissed from the class by the coach.

There will be no refunds, pro-rated or in full, should a student be dismissed by the coach.

Please understand that these courses have group learning format that limits the ability of the instructors to provide individual instructions to students. These courses are mentally and physically demanding, and weather conditions can increase the stress on students.    

What about weather?

Classes go on rain or shine, hot or cold! (unless Total Rider cancels class due to severe weather). Dress appropriately, wind and rain can make temperatures seem much colder. On hot days black clothes absorb sunlight so avoid those if possible. Read your confirmation email as it contains important information on what to wear.

Our instructors will delay or cancel a riding class if necessary. Typically we never cancel the classroom portion of your training. However, the coach must delay the class in the event of lightning or other severe temporary conditions until it is safe to begin again. If you leave the riding area and the class was not canceled by the coach you forfeit your tuition fee and must begin the class from the beginning.

Also, review our refund and cancellation policy.

What if the training motorcycle doesn’t fit me?

Occasionally a student will come to class who doesn’t feel comfortable on our training bikes because of height or fitment issues (e.g. their legs are too short, or too long, or their hands get tired because they’re too small, or they are using different muscles). Very rarely are our training motorcycles too tall or too small for the student. We use 125cc and 250cc motorcycles.

The shortest student we have trained was 4’6″ and weighed approximately 88 pounds.  The tallest was approximately 7’4″ and weighed 450 lbs.  Both of these students completed the course successfully on our training bikes. We use motorcycles with the lowest seat heights available and the lightest weights available.

If you are concerned about sitting comfortably on one of our training bikes please visit any of our dealer partners to sit on a comparable motorcycle before enrolling in our class, or contact us.  We can try and arrange an onsite visit during a class so you can sit on a motorcycle.

Can I study course materials before class?

What a great idea!  Sure you can… just point your browser here.

Please be aware there is a written test at the end of the classroom portion on day 1 in which you must score 80% or better. A failure of any part of the course results in a failure of the entire course.

What if I am deaf?

Under Title III of ADA requirements, we want to let you know that we will make every reasonable accommodation to any ASL interpreter you provide. However, we cannot assume the undue financial burden of hiring an ASL interpreter as it would severely alter the nature of the service we provide. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation may have grant money to offset the cost to you and other area schools may provide services more to your liking than we can provide at this time.

Please call our office to discuss resources we can share with you.